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Oil lamp from smoking set
Plate: water nymphs
[ 11 leaves of Spanish Civil War poster stamps]
Design for a light fixture
Quaderno di __________: prima premiazione, Ottobre 1925-III : prima battaglia del grano
Per als germans del front: Dones! treballeu | For the brothers at the front: women! Work
Perspective Look South on Park Avenue, Waldorf-Astoria, Hotel, New York
We Want Our Vitamins
Opening Jaarbeurs Utrecht, 11 Maart [Opening Industries Fair Utrecht, March 11]
Vase: Monart, shape JK
Cabrillo Bridge, Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Cal. 1915
Ayuda a los hospitales de sangre suscribiéndote, adquiriendo números para esta rifa popular, sellos y tarjetas postales | By subscribing, you help the field hospitals, acquiring numbers for this popular raffle, seals and postcards
Plate: Regent shape
Hardware display case
Voorzichtig Met Vuur [Careful with Fire]
Die Olympischen Spiele, Paris 1924: veranstaltet unter Protektorat des Internationalen Olympischen Komitees durch das Französische Olympische Komitee. Erinnerungswerk unter dem Patronat des Schweizerischen Olympischen Komitees | Olympic Games, Paris 192
America Needs More Meat
Quaderno di [blank]: Marzo 1924-II : annessione di Fiume e del Dodecanneso | Notebook of [blank]: March 1924 II [Second year of Fascist revolution] : annexation of Fiume and the Dodecanese