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Bowl: floral motif
The Letter
The  Negro people and the Communists
Trains in white: how army hospital trains speed wounded fighters homeward over the Water Level Route
Souvenir spoon from Saint Louis World's Fair
Gladiatoren-Marsch | The gladiator march
Evacuad Madrid: confiad vuestra familia a la República | Evacuate Madrid: trust your family to the Republic
Mural Study
Der Sieg Wird Unser Sein! [Victory Will Be Ours!]
De  Zaan Streek: uitgave & lichtdruk van H. Kleinmann & Co. te Haarlem | The Zaan Streek: publication and phototype by H. Kleinmann and Co. in Haarlem
Crociera Aerea del Decennale 1933-XI [Decennial of Long-Distance Flight 1933-XI]
Nude males
Perspective rendering of building
Photograph of young girls working at the Rozenburg Ceramics Factory
Champagne glass, bacchanalia
Inkstand: Celtic motif
Oriental dancer in blue bloomers