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Dornröschen | Sleeping beauty
Electrical Building: Cotton States & International Exposition
Drive your own car in Europe
An e xplanation of the McQuay-Norris tear drop test car
Queensboro Bridge
Dinner plate
Dining chair
Les nits són fredes: treballeu per al front | The units are cold: work for those at the front
Composizione [Composition]
Something luxuriously new: The National Hotel of Cuba, Havana, Cuba : opens December 15, 1930
4. Reichsnährstands Ausstellung München, 30.5 - 6.6. 1937 [Fourth Sate Food Producers' Exhibition]
Oliver. ...[Oliver. The best and cheapest modern typewriter]
World's fair: 1904 souvenir : St. Louis
Work to Keep Free!
End of European Foreign Exhibit Bldg. at night, Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, Seattle, Wash., 1909
Interlox no. 106
Piscine [Pool]