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Resolute and Reliance: ships of quality ~~~ maximum service : New York, London, Paris
Enrique Malatesta
Die Bauten der N.S.D.A.P. zu München [The buildings of the Nazi Party Headquarters in Munich]; Paul Ludwig Troost [German, 1878-1934], architect
16 Gemälde aus der Sonderschau Karl Leipold: Gezeigt in der Grossen Deutschen Kunstausstellung, 1942, im Haus der Deutschen Kunst zu München ; vierfarbenbuchdruk-reprduktionen | Grosse Deutsche Kunstausstellung, 1942
Ouvrages de ferronnerie moderne: grilles, balcons, rampes, portes-cochères, pentures, etc | Works of modern ironwork: grilles, balconies, ramps, gateways, strap hinges, etc
Gloria a nuestra artilleria | Glory to our artillery
The Oarsman
Cream pitcher: dripless spout
Lago di Como-L. Giovanni di Bellagio
Vencerem Pel Bé Del Proletariat Mundial [We will triumph for the good of the Proletariat of the world]
When I send you a picture of Berlin, you'll know it's over, "Over there," I'm coming home
The Clinch
Restaurant Dampfer "Bremen": D. "Bremen", Dienstag, 6. Juni 1939 = Restaurant S.S. "Bremen" : S.S. "Bremen", Tuesday, June 6, 1939 | Deutsche Volkstypen : Schwälmer Paar = Types of German National Dress, Schwalm (Hesse)
Ontwerp voor het Treurspel Odipus door Sophocles [Design for the Tragedy Oedipus by Sophocles]
Mural study for Post Office and Courthouse, San Antonio, Texas
Sailor Beware! Loose Talk Can Cost Lives
Piano lamp, model no. 404, GISO
Tombola N. 1: Pitagorica, geometrica, iconografica : tombola dei soldati per la 1ª e 2ª classe
Giugno Genovese [Genovese June]
Join an Air Force Camouflage Battalion