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Kubus [Cube]
Hotel Florida, Havana, Cuba
It's a real Havana : Cuban National Tobacco Commission
Mine Workers
Excellence 301
Defendamos Madrid unidos bajo un mando único | Let us defend Madrid united under a single command
NRA Member. U.S. We Do Our Part
The Threatening Shadow [Designed for installation at the New York World's Fair, 1939 (never built)]
Getemperde Vaart Voor Ongeluk Bewaard [Moderate Speed Prevents Accidents]
Tile: Raval & Co. Marble Merchants Etc.
Escola nova, poble lliure | A new school, a free people
Lubrificanti Montecatini [Montecatini Lubricants]
New York World's Fair 1939
Hotel Graf Moltke, Hamburg
L'Amore Dell'Antichità [Love of the Ancient Past]
Souvenir cane from A Century of Progress, Chicago
Bowl: kneeling angels motif
From a Spanish balcony looking towards the sea
Uitgegeven door De Verzamelcommissie 20 [Published by the Collection Committee 20]