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Garden bench: stylized foliage motif
Snap shots, Havana, Cuba, 1932
Bust of Erhard Weyhe
Stockholmsutställningen 1930: officiellt vyalbum
Perfume Bottle: Shocking
L'Invidia....di non sapere l'inglese! [Envy ... for not understanding English!]
Printing plate: Opera Nazionale Balilla
The  dream city: a portfolio of photographic views of the World's Columbian Exposition
Treballa per als que lluiten! | Work for those that fight!
Something luxuriously new: The National Hotel of Cuba, Havana, Cuba : opens December 15, 1930
SCADTA: since 1919 : South America's oldest air service : we fly in Colombia
Thermos pitcher, model no. 549
Ground Broken Oct. 14,1911:  Panama-Pacific Internatioanl Exposition, San Francisco 1915
Verzen | Verses
�Con disciplina se defiende la Rep�blica! | With discipline the Republic is defended!
Panorama de Bruxelles-Kermesse après les ravages du feu
Container: floral and fruit motif
Sintrax Coffeemaker base
Sioux Indian Family