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Habana, Playa de Marianao. Marianao Bathing Beach
Etude de "Vers d'Autres Horizons" [Study of "Towards the Other Horizions"]
Corporal Alec Wood, R.F.C.
The  Playa, Havana, Cuba
Der  blaue vogel: J. Jushny's Theater | The blue bird: J. Jushny's Theater
Zemědělství = Landwirschaft | Agriculture
Textile design of surrealistic shapes floating in space
Le Labour Humain [Human Labor]
Teapot and lid: Twinspout
Bruxelles-Kermesse: Vue vers le grand portique
Drawing for a decoration for a vase [iris motif]
Skeleton in military dress with sword
Americans All
Scene of Rio
�kolstv� = Schulwesen | Education
Bonifiche: Fed[erazio]ne dei Fasci di Combattimento dell'Urbe, A. XII | Reclamation: Federation of Combat Fasci of Urbe, Year 12 of the Fascist revolution
The  Califonia State Building, (Exhibits of France) Panama-California International Exposition, San Diego, Cal
West Buttress, Grand Coulee Dam Construction
One of us: the story of John Reed